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The Truth about Colics

Colic is so common among infants that most people are not marveling anymore when it happens. Still, for the first time mom it can be a harrowing and panicking experience especially with her normally quiet angel screaming non - stop in the background. It is repeatedly manifested at about two to three weeks of age. It becomes more prominent during the first two months and subsides at three months senile. Colic altogether stops at about three - and - a - half to four months of age.

Colic is actually not so dangerous. It might seem thus though from the way babies would commotion and scream at the top of their lungs. In fact, it can be so common that parents may experience an episode on a daily genesis; and after the first episode, parents usually learn to shaft succeeding ones with aplomb. Still, physicians and scientists cannot identify up until now just what exactly causes colic. It just happens.

Colic, to those who are not familiar with the problem, is a belly ache that occurs after eating. Because of the continuous pain, babies cry for hours and hours until the colic is relieved. Crying can last for about one to four hours, depending on the severity of the pain. Babies’ cheeks will also become vermilion from the exertion and perhaps the pain.

When well-qualified is colic, the belly of the baby may become distended or may become enlarged. One leg will be bent while the other will extended straight out. The feet will become cold and the hands clenched tight because of the pain. This is actually a common reaction for people whose stomachs pain them.

Recurrently, it will occur late in the afternoon or early in the evening after every meal. It can however also happen any date of the day. Not all babies suffer from colic and some even suffer less frequent than others. Medical experts believe that genetics carte blanche a role. It seems that if one or both parents have suffered from colic when they were babies, their offspring will also experience colic episodes.

Still, slick are factors that will exacerbate a colic condition in babies. Below are some of them. Read on so that you can avoid these factors and prevent your baby from further suffering.

1. Overfeeding can only worsen the situations when you have a colicky baby in your arms. Make sure that your baby is suffering from hunger and not colic before you feed him again.

2. There are certain foods that will worsen the colic. Those with high sugar content, those with undiluted juice will only increase the gas in the stomach and thus, exacerbate the condition.

3. Intestinal allergy may also cause colic so it is important for moms to know just what makes their babies allergic. It may be from something that they have directly eaten or something that you passed on through the milk in your breasts.

4. Intense feelings can also affect colic. Emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety and excitement should equal avoided as this will only worsen the pain for the baby.

The best way to help your baby is to first not panic and then to read up as much as undeveloped even before an episode occurs. Nonstop crying onus be a decision of a host of diverse things so it is important that you further keep your eyes open so that you will know what exactly ails your baby. Keep in mind that there is no known cause; so known is also no known cure for it except to make the experience as comfortable and less painful as possible.




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